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Sludge/Hardcore since 2016

Based in Fribourg-CH 

Growl: Fredz

Guitars: Adrien

Drums: Marco

Bass: JJ

4 years after giving birth to a well-received debut album 'Extinction Chronicles', Swiss sludgecore mongers Reaptile finally released their sophomore full-length record called 'Humanidead'. 

A brand new album which follows the release of a split with Belgian DETRVIRE and out now on CD, LP & Digital via Hexerei Records (Swi), Helldog Records (PL), Throne Of Lies Records (USA) & Vinyltroll Records (DK).

...For the record...

Reaptile plays since 2016 a dark, powerful and vindictive sludgecore/metal. Formed in
Freiburg/Switzerland by 4 dudes coming from the hardcore punk and stoner local
scene, the combo has released on October 2018 their first 11-track album 'Extinction
Chronicles' which illustrates the first 2 years of composition.

In 2020, Reaptile teamed up with Belgian melodic hardcore crust band DETRVIRE to release an intense split at the beginning of a pandemic. All concerts are cancelled, including a gig with Cro-Mags and the vernissage of the split.

In September 2022 'Humanidead' will be released with a new guitarist and a new
drummer. Faster, more violent and even angrier than its predecessors, this new 13-
track, 40-minute LP confirm Reaptile in its uncompromising Sludge-Hardcore identity.


The collaboration with Lead and Sulfur Studio, Flore Lacoste’s artwork and the
contribution of guest artists (Arnaud from Charlene Beretah and Julia from Gøldi) have
given this album its final touch.


For fans of : -16-, Acid Bath, Black Flag, EYEHATEGOD, Integrity, Mantar......



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